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Son Goku was born in kakarot. Saiyan is the heroine of Dragon Ball Fighter. He is Gohan's adopted son, Bardock's son and Gine, Raditz's husband, Chi-Chi's husband, Gohan's father and Goten's grandfather, and Pan. Later ancestors of Goku Jr.
He is a native Saiyan, and has been sent to the Earth since he was young enough to destroy the Earth. However, his accident has caused his memories to change. Cause he grows up with a pure heart. And later became the greatest protector of the world.
And he was the official leader of Z Fighters throughout his life. He trained hard and continuously to become the greatest warrior. And fight stronger enemies. This makes the world and the cosmos safe from being destroyed several times.

He has sharp black hair that never changes. Most of the time, he wears red, orange, and gold over his navy blue shorts. He does not wear kanji. But he was tied under his navy blue cape. He wears a navy blue wrist strap with yellow navy boots.
The edges are red. It is dressed in red robe. He wears a blue obi, knotted over his waist. Goku's fighter several times ends with the destruction of his own shirt. This is exactly what happened to Goku in the actual series just a few times.
The movie made it a joke. Mostly, his pants are damaged in battle. While his boots and wristbands remain the same.

He is cheerful and enthusiastic personality. He loves fighting and eating in the Saga when he sleeps "Jackie Chun" Bulma can record the match by screaming at him that the dinner is ready. He woke up immediately to break the record.

At the beginning of Warrior battle saiyan Ball, he was advised to wear a blue Gi and a red wristband, tie a white obi over his waist, and a pair of navy blue kung fu boots. When he was young He often wielded his baton and tail as a legacy of the Saiyans.

Starting with the 21st World Martial Arts World and for the majority of Super Dragon Fight warrior, he wore the Turtle School uniforms until after he practiced with Kami and Mr.Popo.
The 23rd World Tour and for the rest of Super Dragon Battle Fight Ball, his tail was permanently removed by Kami and he wore a turtle suit with the same appearance. Short sleeves and boots became a part of him throughout Super Dragon Fighter Ball.
At the end of the, Super Dragon Ball warrior. he wore a turquoise Gi with white obi, orange wristbands, dark green pants and colored kung fu boots. black With orange socks, sometimes he is dressed differently, like a gray suit and tie.
And most notably, after he had practiced in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for nine days before Cell Games, he wore the world's casual wear, consisting of a long sleeve orange and black jacket. White vest, lime green trousers and brown shoes.
At the party for Kid Buu's defeat, he wears a purple dress as part of his formal wear.

He is a Saiyan sent from Planet Vegeta to Earth after hitting the Earth. When he was young He meets an old man in the forest named Gohan. And became Gohan's adopted nephew. He was named on the world to be Son Goku warrior battle .

At first, he was very radical and bad temper did not obey Gohan until one day he collapsed and his head hit the ground. He suffered from severe head injuries that sent him into a coma and nearly killed him and made him suffer in the long run.
After he revived He lost all his memory in the mission. And turned into a kind person and a gentle boy.

- 4 Boss Battle.
- Status & Skill Upgrade System.
- 100+ different enemies wave.
- 2D graphic and nice sound effect.

1. L - Press to Left attacks.
2. R - Press to Right attacks.
3. Use Special Skill to kill enemies.
4. Collect power ball to Range attack.
5. Collect senzu beans to restore hit point.
6. Charge your energy for transform into Super Saiyan.
7. Fight and survive as long as possible.
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